Knowing the source of the ingredients in the health & wellness products that we choose daily is incredibly important to many people, especially when it comes to Cannabidiol (CBD).

Unfortunately, there is a lot of uncertainty around CBD and if it contains the powers that people claim it does. CBD’s recent rise into the public eye has made it a product that large industries can easily commodify, mislabel, and misinform. This commercialization leads to many people consuming CBD products that will not help them. 

CBD has helped so many people find relief from their ailments, stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. But sadly, there are many ways to be taken advantage of, especially when searching for relief from an ailment.  Desperation can make anyone more than willing to follow a fad diet if only to reduce negative symptoms.

For example, it is common for some industries to sell hemp products with no CBD, sell low doses of CBD isolate, or source poor quality hemp, and active ingredients. A health-based industry that only creates a product to make money is an industry that is not generally trusted by the general public.

This is not only a waste of money, but it can also put the consumer in some dangerous situations, or convince people that CBD is an overhyped, celebrity-endorsed load of nonsense.

This isn’t very reassuring, especially when we know that full-spectrum high-quality CBD has the power to help people, reduce symptoms, and provide significant relief.

This is why our goal at Rēl is to provide the best possible CBD products and information for our community.

But, how does this translate in our practices?

Let’s start at the beginning: at Rel, we see each hemp plant through seed to harvest, and then the products themselves are crafted on the farm.

We strive to produce an abundance of high-quality full-spectrum CBD products while fostering the resiliency of the farm. Our goal is to build an ecosystem that is sustainable economically, socially, and environmentally.

Sourcing our hemp only from our farm is important to us for a few reasons:

  1. There is no chance of unknown damaging pesticides or insecticides on the plant.
  2. We are working toward creating as sustainable a business model as possible, reducing land use and unnecessary transportation.
  3. Keeping our business small to build and maintain a wellness community that is beneficial to all.
  4. We want this community to see where our products come from and know that they support a safe business.

This doesn’t just stop at sourcing hemp. We want to extend this local mindset to our entire production process.

Some farming methods, especially those used by larger farmers, deprioritize climate, and the consumers, employing synthetic chemicals that the industry shouldn’t use on products that we are putting onto or into our bodies.

Most smaller farms are far more considerate of the impact that farming has on the environment. They also consider their customers more. We support our small sustainable farmer community by sourcing ingredients we can’t grow while keeping our production processes sustainable. Focusing on small batched production, growing as many of our own ingredients, and gathering others from local and sustainable sources.

We are passionate about full-spectrum CBD,  its many benefits through edibles, tinctures, and topical applications; and helping our community and the land. We do not let our business practices contradict that goal.

We are excited to commit fully to sourcing our own ingredients, and local farmers doing good work. This includes our hemp, sweeteners, oils, stabilizers, and active ingredients like reishi, and elderberry.

What does this mean for our community?

As we move forward in our vision for our farm and our business, we hope to maintain a  community with the people who use our CBD products. We strongly believe in the value of communication, trust, and transparency in business and helping you receive the best CBD products and information possible.

As always, we wouldn’t have a business without our community. People learn about us through word-of-mouth, and we continue to thrive because our customers continue to love and use our products daily. Thank you for your support!

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