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We get it.

People love to hate the PSL.

But, we can’t figure out what’s not to like…

‘Cause, when the PSL shows up each year, so does everything else that is good in the world:

fleece-lined leggings
fluffy socks
thick blankets
mountains of pillows
cute fall decor

But… there are a few things that people may assume of you based on your favorite season.
You literally love everything that we just listed.
If you had a choice, your house would smell like pumpkin spice all. the. time.
but actually tho.
NEW CBD Pumpkin Spice Candles are available in a limited quantity and will sell out fast- get them now while they’re hot!
We seriously will not judge. I mean really. Honestly.

Rel Hemp Basic B*tch CBD Candle
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Rel Hemp Basic B*tch CBD Candle

Rel Hemp Basic B*tch CBD Candle

Every day is a pumpkin-hay-ride, PSL-drinking, Ugg wearing day with the Basic B*tch Candle!