Tender Loving (Self) Care Gift Set


Introduce more comfort, ease and joy into your life with this carefully curated set of  much beloved body and soul soothing best sellers.

Infused with our own premium grade organic CBD to nourish, restore, and ease your entire being for a body and mind that gets better with age.

This set includes our Lavender and Lemongrass CBD Bath Salt Blend (20oz), Lilac Scented Sustainable Soy Wax CBD Candle (8oz), Elderflower CBD Infused Lip Balm with an elegant protective carrying case and a 200mg CBD Tension Relief Roll-On in Lavender Scent.




Give the gift of Self Care this Mother’s Day by showing your appreciation to the woman who gave to us selflessly all these years.

Her attentiveness to our needs and the needs of others is a gift that is difficult to match,  and here’s our chance to show how much we care for her.

THE CBD DIFFERENCE.                                                           Our products use a blend of our own farm grown organic hemp derived CBD along with responsibly sourced organic ingredients that deeply nourish and protect the skin, gently ease anxiety, provide swift natural pain relief and improves quality of sleep so you can thrive with more comfort, ease and joy every day.


Lilac scented CBD sustainable 8oz soy wax candle
Lavender and lemongrass CBD Bath Salt blend
Elderflower CBD lip balm with an elegant carrying case
Easy to use Lavender Tension Relief CBD Roll On
Product description pamphlet
A card with your sentiments written on it.


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