Lifter 21.62% CBD Flower.


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A great strain for any time of day or evening.

Lifter gives you a  gentle cerebral focus and uplifting energy, as well as long-lasting pain relief. Lifter smells very earthy and woodsy, with sweet citrus and tropical undertones. The sweet, wood flavor lingers on the palette long after it’s been smoked.

CBD 19.5% | THC 0.922%

Contains legal amounts of .3% of THC or less.

You will receive a hard copy of the Lab test with your package, so you know you are getting a quality product.

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All of the flower we sell is grown right here on the farm, including Lifter.

We plant the seeds in trays in early June. We move the plants  out into the field by the first of July where they bask in the warm Mid-summer sun.  Then, in early September when the branches are heavy with very resinous buds, we begin to harvest. Once it is harvested, it’s hung to dry in a dark, humidity controlled environment, and then cured to perfection and stored under strict humidity and temperature control, keeping it fresh and potent for many many months.  This strain grows fast and quite large, making it one of the top producers.  We grow our hemp under the strict guidelines of Organic management.  A NOFA-VT inspector does an inspection, Then the inspector writes a report and finally the certifying board reviews the report.  Our farm has never failed an inspection and has been Certified Organic since 2012.

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Weight 3 oz

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1 review for Lifter 21.62% CBD Flower.

  1. Paul Ruzzo (verified owner)

    The Lifter strain was my first try on smoking CBD hemp flower. I was certainly not disappointed! Upon my first 2 hits I felt the pain in my back immediately relax and ease away. The flavor of the smoke was very pleasant and woody. Will definitely be keeping some of this around for those times my back really needs it.

    • peter

      We’re so glad it helped your back pain, and that you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading!

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