Bulk Organic CBD Hemp Flower


Extract premium quality CBD concentrate from sustainably grown Bulk CBD Hemp flower.  Control the cost, ingredients, and potency of your products.


Extract premium quality CBD at home with our sustainably grown Bulk CBD Hemp flower. We grow and harvest our flower carefully to provide a high-quality product. This flower is rich in CBD and terpenes, delivering natural and potent therapeutic benefits.

Lifter Hemp flower is perfect for those who prefer to extract their own CBD using solventless or solvent-based methods. We ensure that our flower is free of contaminants, guaranteeing a clean and high-quality extraction every time.

Incorporate our versatile and natural  CBD Hemp flower into your daily routine by creating your own CBD tinctures, salves, gummies and other products.

Lifter is a high CBD strain that is popular for extraction because it produces a premium quality CBD concentrate in larger quantities than other strains. You will receive a copy of the COA- certificate of analysis- lab report with your order to verify the CBD content.

This flower was grown in 2019 and has been cured and sealed to maintain potency and quality.

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