BUG OFF! Natural Bug Repellent


keep your family safe from toxic DEET and PYRETHRINS  as well as the biting insects that may carry disease.  The power of a combination of essential oils, organic corn oil (a known mosquito repellent) in this repellent works to keep biting insects away.  It is made with 100% organic ingredients,  no toxic chemicals.

BUG OFF is meant to be used externally only, keeping away from eyes and mouth.  Apply to areas of the skin that are vulnerable to biting insects.


When you need a natural bug repellent that actually works!  NO DEET, NO PYRETHRINS

Pleasant Lemon and Cedar fragrance

This is an easy to carry, easy to use 10ml roll-on.   Just roll it onto exposed skin, keeping away from eyes and mouth.

Woods-man and Woods-woman approved.


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