Our Philosophy

We work so our community can feel confident in the efficacy of their CBD source. We want to set an example for health & wellness brands that hold sustainability and transparency to a high standard.

RelHemp CBD Gummies
Gardening Improves Your Mind and Body
Each RēL product is crafted with high-quality, safe, sustainable ingredients with traceable sources, and is designed with the best intentions for your whole body, mind, and future self.

With transparent ingredient sourcing from our farm and local and global small producers, we raise the standard for sustainable CBD products. Through the process of producing and packaging our products, our aim is to keep money in the hands of small sustainable businesses and regenerative farmers.

At Rēl, we strive to be a leading example of a truly sustainable business model and end deceptive practices that manipulate wellness seekers.

We believe in forging a sustainable future with our land and our local communities while minimizing the CBD industry’s ecological footprint.

We are invested in your safety and wellbeing. That’s why we developed the Three Circles of Trust, which are a simplified method for identifying a safe, environmentally sound brand. By combining these three brand attributes, you will be able to identify genuine eco-friendly, socially responsible products from any brand, including our own. Learn more about this method here.