Unlock the Secrets of Making Your Own High-Quality CBD products at home

Discover the art of making CBD Oil Concentrate and products with our easy-to-follow no cost video course.

The problem of inaccurate CBD labels in the market is a growing concern for many consumers.

Studies have found that 70% of CBD products on the market do not contain the amount of CBD that is listed on the label, which can make it difficult for consumers to trust the product they are purchasing.

Additionally, the high cost of CBD products can make it difficult for many people to access the benefits of CBD. Many consumers are looking for a more affordable and trustworthy way to use CBD

 Which is where making your own CBD concentrate comes in as a solution.

Most people think that in order to make CBD products at home you have to infuse butter or oil.

That’s the only way most people know how to make infused products and recipes

and it limits the kinds of recipes you can make to ones that contain a significant amount of butter or oil.

With this easy to follow video, you’ll learn how to make a higher potency concentrate without butters or oils

 one that is more versatile and can be used in recipes that don’t call for butter or oil.

What are the potential savings of making your own CBD concentrate?

– Control over the quality and purity of the product

– Ability to customize the potency to your specific needs

– Cost-effective compared to purchasing pre-made products

– Minimal waste as you only make what you need

– Increased confidence in the accuracy of the label 

– Eliminates more packaging from purchased products going into the environment

Some of the CBD products we make using this concentrate and you can too!

This video class teaches you everything you need to know about:

How to find the quality hemp flower you need to make CBD

How to make a high potency CBD concentrate without using butter or oils

A simple method for making infused butter and oils, and the ratios of hemp flower to oil needed

How to find the potency of your concentrate and calculate how much is needed in recipe’s. And how to get your CBD lab tested.