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Try Before You Buy

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if CBD is right for you before you buy?

We Think so.  That’s why we’ve put together this sample pack with four of our customers faves!

Grab them now, we’re only offering them this week!

Your sample pack includes..

  • 1 Lavender scented CBD bath salt packet (1 luxurious bath)
  • 1 Full spectrum CBD tincture sample bottle with 3-20mg doses
  • 1 half oz sample of CBD topical balm
  • 1 moisturizing CBD lip balm

You’ll also get… 



CBD Wise Buyer’s Guide

5 Facts and strategies you must know for total success with finding the perfect CBD solution for your wellness routine.

Claim your complimentary guide!

If you’ve been wondering how to

  • Find the right dose for you
  • Find a trusted brand
  • Choose the right product and save $
  • Understand the differences between Full Spectrum,Broad Spectrum and Isolate
  • Know what to expect when you use CBD