Throughout human history, there have been many methods of harnessing the benefits of CBD. However, one of our favorite ways to reduce uncomfortable symptoms, de-stress, and ease the mind and body is with full-spectrum CBD topicals.

What is a CBD topical?

A topical is a remedy applied to body surfaces such as the skin instead of ingesting it.

CBD topicals absorb through the skin – like some skincare products and transdermal medications. They penetrate the skin for localized relief.

Topicals enter our system in a different way than if one was to ingest CBD. This way, the body can absorb the CBD faster instead of traveling the longer path through the digestive tract.

Topicals are optimal for relieving localized pain or inflammatory skin issues. However, if applied to a large area of the skin, they can provide whole body relief and relaxation for the CBD user.

Do CBD topicals work?

Some people immediately feel positive results when using topicals, and others may need a more extended testing period. Some people may achieve the desired result with a sublingual tincture instead.

Of course, self-reflection is still beneficial to the CBD user.

There’s no harm in trying one or two products before deciding whether to continue using CBD in your self-care routine.

It is still clear that CBD remains the preferred option for relief and relaxation for many people. If there were no proof of CBD providing ease or improvement in the well-being of humans, it would not have as large of a following as it does.

What is a “targeted” topical?

We created RēL Care with the word “targeted” in mind. Our targeted products address specific symptoms and areas of the body.

To do this, we use natural ingredients that boost the benefits of our CBD and vary our formulas with soothing botanical moisturizers.

Research shows that many essential oils assist in absorbing compounds through the skin. CBD will then have better luck at reaching a cannabinoid receptor.

A 2020 review article found both rosemary oil and eucalyptus oil to be great options to promote absorption through the skin.

Many plants contain compounds that engage with our endocannabinoid systems in the same way that cannabis does.

These compounds provide pain relief, anti-inflammation, and soothing benefits to the user, like CBD.

This list includes cocoa, black pepper, hops, oregano, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, basil, clove, and carrot.

That is why we use both lavender and eucalyptus essential oils in our targeted formulas.

Consistency and base ingredients play a massive part in targeted topicals. For example, balms and ointments work better for small areas. On the other hand, creamy, fast-absorbing products are perfect for sore, dry hands or larger body areas.

What is the difference between cream and ointment?

A couple of our topicals include both a cream and an ointment version of the product. The difference is in the texture.

For example, our Arthritis Relief Hand Cream uses fast-absorbing, moisturizing ingredients. Its counterpart Arthritis Relief Ointment has a thicker formula. As a result, it is perfect for use in smaller areas of the body.

Why use targeted topicals?

Recent studies have shown that CBD topicals can improve the quality of life for the user. It does so by reducing inflammation, soothing nerve endings, and calming irritated skin.

The most common response to inflammation is pain. Many people using CBD topicals suffer from chronic arthritis pain and musculoskeletal pain.

CBD topicals can be effective when used in replacement or in addition to intrusive steroid, or transdermal pain medications, and can be used more frequently, and all over the body.

One 2019 study found that after two weeks of using CBD topicals, patients with chronic pain experienced a 32%-36% reduction in pain.

Another study from the same year showed the results of CBD balm on inflammatory skin disorders. Daily administering of CBD reduced symptoms and heavy scarring in under three weeks.

How do I use a topical?

The use of a topical is dependent on its intended placement and the consistency of the product. We
generally suggest applying the topical to the targeted area anytime you are experiencing symptoms.

Time and time again, research finds that topicals have many positive effects on the user when used on a daily basis.

How do I choose the right topical for me?

Choosing the right product for yourself can sometimes seem like a monumental task, as it can involve a trial and error method until you find the right one.

The first step in determining which topical is the correct choice for you is establishing the goals you want to meet when using a topical. There are different targeted products for individual needs.

Maybe you are seeking relief from frequent tension headaches.

Perhaps you suffer from debilitating cramps.

Or, you are looking for whole-body relief.

The difference between the consistency of the products can also be a deciding factor.

For example, you may want a thicker balm for targeted relief or a smoother, fast-absorbing cream to cover larger areas. Fortunately, deciding this will eliminate options for you.

Visit our topical shop page for detailed information on each targeted product. In addition, you can find in-depth information on the purpose of the product, the symptoms it can soothe, and how to incorporate it into your routine.

If you are still having issues finding the right product for your wellness routine, please reach out to us, and we’d be happy to help you find what works!


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