With its long list of therapeutic benefits, it’s hardly surprising that CBD is rapidly growing in popularity.

With all the different types of CBD products available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. After all, there’s CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, and now CBD tinctures — all of which offer the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the high.

CBD tinctures. You may have heard of them, but what are they and how can they help improve your overall well-being? Keep reading for an inside look into the role CBD tinctures can play in your daily routine. 

You can even use CBD tinctures in your morning cereal!

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the primary cannabinoids (compounds) found in cannabis plants. The cannabinoids, such as CBD, interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system

Unlike its famous cousin, THC, CBD is not psychoactive and doesn’t cause a high. This means CBD, which is typically derived from hemp, can offer the benefits of the plant without getting the user stoned like marijuana would. Instead, CBD has a wide array of therapeutic applications. 

Benefits of CBD 

Cannabinoid therapy involves the part of the biological structure where body and mind come together. Since CBD and other cannabis compounds are so similar to the chemicals our body naturally produces, they integrate into our systems better than many, if not most, synthetic drugs. 

CBD has a long list of therapeutic benefits that it offers, including: 

  • Prevention of diabetes
  • Lowered risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Slowing the growth of cancerous cells
  • Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
  • Anxiety 
  • PTSD
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Protects and heals the skin
  • Protects against bone diseases
  • Tobacco cessation

Additionally, CBD is beneficial to pets as well

What Are CBD Tinctures?

A CBD tincture is made by using a mixture of a solvent and water to extract the CBD from a plant. Usually, the solvent is alcohol. However, there are also tinctures made using glycerin, oil, or vinegar as the solvent in lieu of alcohol. This gives it the advantage of being alcohol-free. 

One of the lesser-used extraction methods for creating tinctures is lipid extraction. This is how all of our CBD tinctures are produced. This method uses the lipids (fats) to absorb and encapsulate the CBD. Organic coconut oil is usually used for this extraction process. The benefit of lipid extraction is that it does not require the use of any harsh solvents or CO2. 

The result is a potent liquid that delivers the therapeutic effects of the CBD molecules without the user having to smoke or vaporize anything.

To make our tinctures, the hemp flower is decarboxylated at 225 degrees Fahrenheit, and then put into MCT oil at a low temperature for 4-6 hours for infusion. Then, it’s strained and pressed to get as much of the oil out of the flower as possible. That’s it. 

If the CBD tincture is flavored, then stevia and organic extract are added. The extract does contain alcohol, but it’s negligible. The alcohol amount is equivalent to one drop of extract per bottle.

This method of extraction is a gentler process and more elegant. You get all of the phytonutrients the plant has to offer, as well as the entire spectrum of cannabinoids. 

Ethanol and CO2 extraction methods are more common, but they are harsh and could potentially leave behind solvents. 

How to Take CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are heavily concentrated, so they are designed to be taken in small doses. For this reason, most tinctures come in a bottle with a built-in dropper to allow for small, measured doses. 

Because the doses are small, CBD tinctures can be consumed in a variety of ways. It can be added to food (such as cereal) and drinks, or taken sublingually (under the tongue). The latter method is best for fast delivery and absorption.

Where to Start With CBD Tinctures

We offer unflavored and citrus-flavored CBD tinctures in 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg strengths. 

Start with one full dropper and place the tincture under your tongue. Hold the liquid there for 1 minute and then swallow. 

CBD tinctures work best when taken after a meal, or with a high-fat food, such as peanuts. This can provide much faster absorption into the body. 

If it’s your first time taking CBD tinctures, we recommend taking it before bedtime because it can be very calming. Once you get an idea of how CBD tinctures affect you, you can take it at the best time of day for you.