About Rēl

Rēl was born out of the desire to make quality, effective, and safe CBD products to enhance well-being .

Evolved CBD Care is the motto we operate by. In a sea of CBD products, we stand out above the rest because our products actually work. We’ve seen time and again the positive benefits of using Rēl CBD, and nothing makes us happier than that.

I stand behind my CBD products with confidence and it is my sincere desire that you are fully satisfied with your purchase of our full spectrum, lipid extracted products.

~ Peter Cousineau

Re; Hemp CBD Flower

“My partner has a very physically demanding job, some days are more strenuous than others. I had some Rel Hemp Topical Balm in the Mint scent, so I rubbed it into his sore shoulders, neck and back. He said within 15 minutes the pain was gone. Truly grateful to have found Rel Hemp products, oh, and the texture of the Balm is SO smooth!”

Sarah M. 34

“I’m finally sleeping again! I started using Rel Hemp’s 600mg tincture before going to bed, one dropper full under my tongue. I’m sleeping through the night now!”

Sharon C. 77

“All my life I have had really dry nasty elbows. It is so embarrassing. I have been using Rel Hemp Body Butter for one week, just one week! AND only once or twice a day. The transformation has been amazing. This will forever be a part of my daily routine.”

Jacki G (Instagram)

A Tradition of Quality

Vermont is known for bringing artisanal agricultural products to market, where quality is everything. At Rēl  we are proud to carry on this tradition — all small-batch CBD products are formulated and produced here in our farm lab.

Transparency & Safety

All of our Hemp flower is 3rd party lab tested for safety and integrity and is certified organic by the VOF, the certifying agency of  the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA).

Environmentally Responsible

We limit our hemp cultivation to six acres each year, and only use our own organic and sustainably grown hemp-derived CBD, guaranteeing organic practices and guidelines are strictly met. The hemp is grown in rotation with cover crops that feed the soil and build it’s structure as well as increasing the microbial life that keeps our plants so healthy. Hemp is a heavy feeding plant, and is a bio-accumulator which means it absorbs anything from the soil into the plant very effectively. This is why it is important to buy your CBD products from a source you can trust, and to have access to the 3rd party lab tests to verify the safety and quality.

Single Source

While many other well-known CBD brands purchase their raw CBD oil from the commodities market in order to produce their products, or even buy in pre-made generic CBD products that they aren’t intimately connected to the source, we believe that when you buy our products  you are putting your trust in us and in our high standards for premium-quality, responsible growing practices and exceptional CBD products. We take that trust seriously. We are hands-on from the planting of the seeds to the packaging and shipping of the final product.

We think that comes across in the results you get from these products.

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