You may be spending valued money on CBD tinctures and body products that you are excited to invest in for your healthy lifestyle only to find out that you are not getting the results you were promised and deserve.

At ReL HEMP we make CBD wellness products that are lab tested,  Organic, parabin, phthalate and cruelty free. Small batch produced for you directly from our Organic Vermont farm, and most importantly: Customer approved with great results and testimonials.

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We offer exceptional-quality CBD products and premium hemp flower directly to you from our farm. With Rel Hemp, you get peace of mind knowing what you are buying has been grown, cured, lab tested and handcrafted / curated right here on our Certified Organic Vermont farm.


We Love To See You Glow

Paul Ruzzo

“I’ve been using this tincture for almost a month now and it has been AMAZING for my sleep. I just use one dropper under my tongue before bed and I wake up so much more well rested than without it. I’ve tried other tinctures without much effect so that really speaks to the high quality of Rēl Hemp tinctures.”

Paul, New Jersey
Mirjam Brett

“This body butter soothes my dry and itchy skin. I love the soft and fluffy textures. I also use it to moisturize my hands at bedtime and it helped me heal a rather nasty dry skin eczema caused by the use of hand sanitizers courtesy of covid-19.  Thank You!”

Mirjam, Middlebury, VT
Jacki Gallencamp

“All my life I’ve had really dry, nasty elbows. It’s so embarrassing. I’ve been using Rel Hemp body butter for a week, Just ONE WEEK! And only once or twice a day. The transformation has been truly amazing. This will forever be a part of my daily routine!”

Jacki, Cornwall, VT

“This new roll on smells great and reallllly soothed my shoulder after a months-long injury. Thanks!”

Lara, Middlebury, VT


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